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Dental Sedation – Types And Levels

Purpose of dental sedation is to get rid of anxiety and phobias related to visiting a dentist and undergoing dental procedures. There are at least four main types of sedation, which put the patient into different stages of anesthesia.What are the levels and types of sedation commonly used. Here is a short breakdown of all stages of sedation – anxiolysis, conscious sedation, deep stage and unconscious.

First Level – Anxiolysis

Often described and also known as a light type of sedation. The most common method used is the laughing gas aka nitrous oxide. If you have mild dental anxiety and feel just slight lack of comfort during the dental procedures, that it’s the one for you.

Second Level – Conscious Sedation

This level can be achieved by using the same gas as described above or IV sedation. Patients being in this level are conscious and can follow orders and even answer questions. They will feel very relaxed and calm.

Third Level – Deep Sedation

Being in this state patients are not fully unconscious, but not entirely conscious either.

Patients won’t be able to respond to any orders and also they will need a nasal tube for oxygen delivery.  This type of sedation usually perfect for people with serious phobias.

Level Four – Unconscious

This one is perfect for people undergoing serious oral surgeries. Patient remains totally unconscious.

Which Type of Sedation is Right for You?

Now that you know all the different types of dental sedation and their levels, you might be interested in getting sedation during your next dental visit. If any of situations below apply to you, be sure to talk to your dentist about this nprocedure:

  • Visiting dentist makes you anxious
  • You are unable to fully control your movement (ex. Your legs or hands are shaking when you get nervous).
  • Your teeth are sensitive.