Wedding Emergency | Wedding Gown Urgent Remedies

Wedding dress emergency could be a drag especially when your wedding day is just around the corner. There are instances that it will put you on a situation where you need to think fast and look for the best and the quickest remedy possible to save your precious wedding gown. 

There are many factors that can and might happen the day or on the day of your wedding that will lead to panic and unwanted anxiety due to a damaged imperfect gown. Some can be easily remedied and some may need a professional’s hand to cure. 

Being a bride, it is a demand to always be prepared for wedding dress fuss, or better yet prepare your bridesmaid for it. Thus, it is vital to have knowledge of emergency cleaning techniques to ensure you won’t apply the wrong solution. The best step is to bring it to an expert and leave the marks to the best hands possible. If there is so little time left, here are some quick and easy remedies to save your day:

Removing Deodorant Stains: Deodorant stains are one of the most common wedding gown predicaments. Using baby wipes or makeup removal is one of the safest and most effective solutions. As for gowns made of delicate materials such as silk, a pair of nylon tights will be gentler on the fabric. Just simply wad and dab the streaks on the area. 

Greasy and Chocolate Stains: Having the best time is one thing that a bride and groom should do on their wedding day. It is something that is prerequisite when getting married. Having fun means being able to do things with great freedom and that will somehow lead to random stains from food, wine, chocolates just to name a few. When such an incident happens,  baby powder is your go-to solution. After spilling grease and what-have-yous, dab it with baby powder and leave it for half an hour of you have the luxury of time to do so. After, rinse it with cold water so the stain will absorb it. If chocolate accidentally smothered your gown, scrape as much as you can with a blunt knife first and foremost. Be very gentle and lightly scrub it using soapy water. A dishwashing liquid will make the cut. If everything is done accordingly, the stain should disappear. 

Alcohol Stains on Your Wedding Gown: Alcohol spills on silk and other delicate fabrics will demand immediate action. To stray away from permanent damage, it is best to remedy it before the fabric fully absorbs the alcohol. To remedy this wedding gown emergency, dampen a clean sponge or soft cloth with warm water then dab the stain until it soaks up the alcohol completely. Alternatively – if you live in Perth metro area you can drop your wedding dress to Koko’s:

Spills on a Beaded Gown: Beaded gowns are of great advantage when it comes to protecting the fabric underneath it. If the beads are properly stitched on the fabric, there should be no problem tackling stains and other issues. A gentle rub with warm water will do the trick, just bear in mind that it should be warm water not boiling hot water. 

Lace Gown Remedies: Lace gowns absorbs stains faster than any other fabrics. It will potentially stiffen the lace or discolour, which is a very bad sign. If you happen to spill anything on your laced garment, immediately dab the stain with cold water then gently and carefully rub baking soda on the area. Leave it for five minutes then rinse it out. After, dab lukewarm water with drops of detergent soap. Repeat this process a few times until intended results are achieved. 

Wedding gowns are too precious to throw away its beauty overnight. It deserves a space in your closet. If worse comes to worst, it is ideal to bring it to the best wedding gown expert that offers dry cleaning services, stain removals, storage boxes and other wedding garment services that will help lift the weight on your shoulders.